Apple iphone 7 is going to be the world

Apple I phone 7 is going to be the world’s biggest launch of this year in mobile market. As days are coming near of its launch, the more spy pics and hidden specs are coming out of the all new I Phone7. Last launch of the Apple was I phone SE and i phone6s which also proved Apple’s creativity and innovation. This year we have seen many launches from Samsung, one +, Xiaomi and many other smartphone companies. This year’s launches have highly increased the level of competition between the smartphones. Earlier the fingerprint sensor was only available with the Apple phones, but now the every third phone is having a fingerprint sensor even with the lower price tag phones like Xiaomi Redmi note 3, Moto G4 and many more. Samsung has introduced a new curved styling to the phones which has gained a huge popularity between the users. All these things have created a cause of worry for the Apple, now they have to show something new innovative to remain the most popular brand in the world.
As for now we know a very little about the upcoming I phone but one thing that has come up in the news is about the absence of audio jack in all new I phone 7. This means that the earphones that will come with I phone 7 will be wireless. This will be the first time that a phone will come with wireless earphones. Other thing that is coming up in the news is that the all new I phone 7 will be fully waterproof. The main thing in which the Apple scores very badly is its battery capacity. It’s really bad. There is no information regarding its battery capacity till now. I hope this time the Apple will surely improve over its battery performance. Apple’s camera is always best so there will be hardly any change from the Apple in terms of its camera. It will come with the latest IOS 10.1. Some rumors are coming that I phone 7 will come retina sensor which will be a very huge innovation in the mobile world.
But guys don’t worry there is hardly a month left for the unveiling of all new I phone 7. Those who are willing to buy i phone6s, wait for some time because the new I phone 7 is coming soon to the market. Only disappoint thing about I phone 7 could be its design because the design in spy pics looks very familiar to the I phone6. There are hardly any changes in the new I Phone 7. So guys this was all about I phone 7. Wait for a month and let I phone 7 come.

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