Benefits of vibrating platforms

Many people want to be fit but they cannot give time for the gym or for exercise. As in traditional exercise, we have to move around or lift something heavy to build our body. You have to spend about two-three hours in the gym for fitness. But there is also another way that does not require your two-three hours. Little bit time spends on Vibrating platform is good for you if you cannot give time to gym or exercise. Using a vibrating platform gives you the relaxation and also the way to lose fat.

  • Using vibration platform can increase your blood circulation muscle strength and flexibility. Increased blood flow in your body makes sure that your muscles are oxygenated.
  • A study showed that using a vibration platform may result in weight loss. It’s better to use it with exercise.
  • Using Vibrating machine 15 minutes a day, and three times a week aid weight loss, burn fat, also reduce muscle soreness after exercise.
  • Machine’s vibrating energy is transmitted to your body, forcing your muscles to contract. This may be the best way to feel relax.
  • You can use the Vibrating platform in many ways like you can use it by standing on it(mostly for legs)  or you can sit on it(mostly for butts), also you can put your hands on it for your muscles.
  • The vibrating machine is present at every gym, also you can buy one for your own so that you can do just a little bit hard work for getting a good physique.
  • It provides you with a better range of motion and also the stability.

If you want to buy a vibrating machine here are the best, and durable vibrating machine by hrsports     


This is the best Vibrating Exercise Platform machine which provides dual belt motor and it is specially designed to be durable, stable and safe. It provides you the best way to lose your fat.


  1. There is total 99 speed level for your convenience.
  2. It is painted with Piano paint and ABS plastic.
  3. The surface is Anti-slip stepper surface.
  4. Also, there is an inbuilt fuse to protect the machine’s motor and increase durability.
  5. It provides SAA approved plug.
  6. For the best experience, it provides time and speeds display.
  7. Non-slip rubber feet is given.
  8. The capacity of this machine is 180kg weight.


  1. Machine’s max power is 1000w.
  2. Voltage is 220-240v.
  3. Weight capacity of this machine is 180kg.
  4. Dimension of the machine is 70 x 40 x 13cm.
  5. Net weight of the machine is 14kg.

Package Contents :

  •         1x1000W Vibration Platform
  •         Two Resistance Band
  •         The package contains one Remote Control
  •         Also, there is a User Manual for better understanding

Also, hr-sports provides the color variant of the machine. Depending on the user’s choice, there are three colors present for this machine Red, Maroon, Black.

Hr-sports also support AfterPay method for their users.

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