Best 7 Bible Apps For Android

Gone are the days when you need to find a Book and then read the bible. With the advancement of technology, now you can read Bible from your smartphone using apps.

In the present generation, with the advancement of technology, everything is digitized. The way we used to do things changes up daily with the advancement of technology.
Smartphones have revolutionized our day to day life and have made their paths into religious things too. So, in this article, we are presenting you with the top Bible apps by which you can read Bible on your smartphones.

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1. Audible

This is a famous audio book platform where in you can have your books which can be read to you in the human voice. They do come with few editions of the bible which you can choose them from. With the help of this app you can listen to the bible when ever you want even when you are travelling some where you can listen to them through your earphones. You do have an option of connecting it to your car and you can listen to it when you are driving the car. This can be one of the best bible app for you.

2. Bible Apps For Kids

You can download this for free in play store. This bible apps isa mainly made for the kids. This is the you version bible app which is very popular one among all. This comes with the very great interface. In this app the kids can play interactive adventure which will surely help the kids to know much about bible very easily, they can what has happened in it and what are the things that are there exactly in the bible. This do have some challenges for the kids and few fun cartoons which can be a great app for the kids.

3. Bible By Life Church

The bible by life church is one of the popular app and the best app among all. This app comes with awesome features in it. This app do provide you with the offline access so that you can read the bible anywhere offline and you don’t require the data pack to use it. The major feature in this app is there arew 1400 versions in a great variety of languages so you can refer any version as per your wish. I can tell that this is a powerfull app for bible study. This app is completely free to download on your android device.

4. Bible Trivia Quiz

This app is completely free to download. This do not include in the app purchase so your wallet is completely safe. This Bible Trivia Quiz is is a quiz app which is actually the quiz game which will ask you all questions on the bible. In this app you can play many different games of varying lengths 10 questions, 20 questions, 50 questions. This app can help you to the best to improve your knowledge on the bible. This can be the best bible app for studying the scripture.

5. Dialy Bible Verse

This is an bible app which will show you the dialy bible versions. This may not be that creative name for you but that is not whicxh matters now. This app can be really great by showing you a unique different verse everyday so you get something new to think about everyday. You can try them between the KJV and the NIV versions of the bible. You do have an option of saving your favorite ones share to your friends on facebook. This app is completely free for you.

6. Offline Bible

This is an app where in you can download the bible and then later you can watch it offline. You can even watch this on the airplanes, the subways and any place where you can not get internet or even you do not have the data pack in your mobile. This includes the BBE, KJV, NIV, NLT AND YLT versions of the bible. This is also available in 2 dozens of languages. This app is free to download and you will also get this in app purchase with the price tag of $0.99.

7. Pocket Casts

This is an app which will let you download the podcast play. In recent times the ministries and the churches nowardays put their weekly sermons up on the itunes or the google play, you can choose up which you would wish to. This comes with the wide variety of Christian oriented podcasts which discuss the ideas . this can be very user friendly for you which is very simple one and easy for you to go ahead. This app comes with the free version and the premium version. The premium version willo charge you $3.99.

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