How to configure a Digital Ocean VPS using ServerAvatar and install WordPress.

There are several kinds of hostings available to host a WordPress website. Shared hosting is the basic one and dedicated hosting is the advanced one. VPS or virtual private servers come in between these. They are cheap enough and highly efficient. Digital Ocean is currently the leader in the VPS industry.

Managing a VPS however requires technical knowledge. Since Digital Ocean end users are developers looking to do a thousand different things with the server, they cannot give a standardized tool or Control Panel for the server. Digital Ocean provides just a terminal to manage the server.

For Web developers looking to install WordPress on a Digital Ocean server, things are now a lot simpler than how it used to be. Installing WordPress on a VPS became dead easy with the arrival of tools that manage servers. Two such tools are ServerAvatar and ServerPilot. In this post, we will see how to install WordPress on a VPS using the free tool called ServerAvatar. 

Steps to configure server and install WordPress using ServerAvatar

  1. Open
  2. Login or Signup for your ServerAvatar account.
  3. You will now be taken to the ServerAvatar dashboard. This page will list all your servers.
  4. To add a new server, click on “ADD SERVER” in the top right.
  5. You can now connect your ubuntu 14.04 or ubuntu 16.04 server to ServerAvatar here. There are two ways to do this

    i) Automatic: This step involves trusting ServerAvatar with your server credentials. Even though that is risky, there is no harm in trusting ServerAvatar as they are a genuine service and uses good encryption techniques. When you create a Digital Ocean server they mail the IP and root credentials on your registered email address. Copy the IP address and root password from the mail and paste them on this page. Now, click on “ADD MY SERVER”. This will take up to two minutes. Make sure you connect a clean, fresh server.

    ii) Manual: In case you do not trust a private company with your server credentials, you can try their manual installer. Click on the manual installation to open this page. Enter your server IP in the text box provided. After that, copy the terminal command given below. Connect to your Digital Ocean server as root user and run this command in it. In order to connect to the server, you can use PUTTY if you are in windows operating system or the inbuilt Remmina Remote Desktop client if in ubuntu. Once you have successfully run the code, come back to server avatar and press “ADD MY SERVER”. This will take up to two minutes. Make sure you connect a clean, fresh server.
  6. Once the server is connected successfully you can see the server name in the dashboard. Click On “SERVER PANEL”.
  7. Server Panel is like the Cpanel for your VPS. You can do everything from installing domains, WordPress, SSL certificates to accessing your SQL database.
  8. Start by clicking on “Add Domain”. Enter your naked domain here without the www/http/https and press “ADD DOMAIN”. The process usually takes a few minutes. In order for the domain to point to your Digital Ocean droplet correctly, the domain must be added correctly under the networking tab in Digital Ocean. Moreover, the domain should have nameservers pointing to the Digital Ocean DNS.
  9. Once that is done, come back to the server panel and click on the WordPress auto-installer.
  10. The auto-installer is a one-click tool to install WordPress on a VPS. It is fast and efficient. Inside the tool, you would be asked details such as:

    i) The title for your WordPress blog.
    ii) The domain where WordPress is to be installed.
    iii) Username and Password for your WordPress blog.
    iv) Email address For Your WordPress installation.

    Click on “INSTALL WORDPRESS” to complete the process.
  11. Once the installation is complete, you can see the default WordPress homepage in your domain.
  12. Now install an SSL certificate using ServerAvatar and
  13. Happy Blogging!

End of the line

In this post, we have seen how one can easily install WordPress on a Digital Ocean Virtual Private Server. Before ServerAvatar came it was a lot tougher and needed technical knowledge. Use the comment form below if you face any difficulties in installing WordPress

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