How to Create Seo Friendly Images in WordPress free guide

Create seo friendly images, How to create seo friendly images, Hey guys if you are a blogger and you are new to wordpress or blogger then you should know the importance of seo friendly images and you should know more about how to create seo friendly images. As we all are know that SEO is one of the most important thing to do in every blog post and we are doing this for every article but what about seo for images. And for your kind information i wanna tell you that images plays a major role to increase blog traffic. Then this is a important thing that how to optimize images for web and what is image optimization . You have to do a proper SEO for images. If you are a blogger and you think about to earn money then you have to read about google adsense and google adsense alternatives.

So today here in our this post we are talking about how to create SEO friendly images, and as we tell you this is a major factor which effects your site a lot then we are here to tell you everything about how to create seo friendly images. This is not important only in WordPress, in fact, this is also useful in blogger. But here is a question that is how to do images seo. But don’t worry it is not so tough to understand or it is not so tough to do Why ? Because here, in WordPress, you have some amazing plugins for SEO you can use these plugins to do good SEO. These plugins helps you to do a good SEO for you post. We all are blogger and this is one of the most important thing that increase blog traffic without increase traffic we can’t earn.

What do you think now, if you are thinking about to write a new post on your website then you have to do good SEO and this time you should do a best SEO for images. But how to seo for images ? this is very simple to do but very effective for your website and can help you to get more visitors. Your images can give you a better rank on good image search and can give you more visitors. One more important thing is you should make search engine friendly URLs which can helps your post to rank on google. 

Lets read some easy steps about how to create seo friendly images.

How to create seo friendly images in WordPress


The first thing that if you are using an image in your post then it must be related to your content and easy to understand. Because images effect a lot to your post and can help you to get more traffic to your blog or website. Here we are talking about wordpress then you need a plugin for SEO. If you need some seo tool for WordPress then I will suggest you Yoast SEO plugin which can help you to do a good SEO.

how to optimize images for seo, You have to insert alt texts and title texts in your images which can helps google to understand and find you images on google images. You should add alt texts and title texts to do a good SEO for your images. If your images are ranking on google images then you can get a lot of traffic by your images.

Method 1:-

This method is very easy to use because this method doesn’t need any plugin. You can do Image SEO manually. For this method

  • Firstly upload your all images and then place all images in your post.
  • Now click on any image and click on edit button as like below.

create seo friendly images edit

  • And now put your keyword in “Alternative Text” and be sure your focus keyword should be in your image’s alt text (Alternative text).

create seo friendly images alt text

Method 2:-

This method is based on the plugin and you can do Image SEO with a plugin. We will share you how you can optimize WordPress blog with seo plugin for a search engine. So, let’s get start with this plugin:

  • First of all install SEO Friendly Images Plugin in WordPress blog.
  • When it will be activated then go to setting and then SEO friendly images and configure the settings


create seo friendly images plugin setting

By this plugin, you don’t need to put alt text in every image. Because seo friendly image plugin can optimize Title or alt text automatically. Any search engine like google, Yahoo, Bing etc can understand the only title and alternative text. So you have to give a meaningful title to your image. Most important thing if you are going to use this seo friendly image plugin then you have to rename your image before upload. Because this plugin will use a title as seo.

Ex:- If your image name is DEC24394.jpeg then you have to rename it like Seo-friendly-image.jpeg.


Then, guys, it is not so tough to create seo friendly images and we hope now you can do good SEO for your website and your images. We hope you enjoyed this article and now stay connect with for more latest tech and SEO updates.

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