Download And Install Root Explorer Apk For Android

Android is an excellent OS for all and especially for the advanced users. There are different things and some third party apps to do all activities for you at ease. Gradually things are moving in such direction, where you will not need any Computer to perform your works – an Android Smart Phone will be able to do all the things for you.

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The biggest thing that Android is going to give is in the form of customization. You will not have to put the useless apps, inserted by the manufacturer if you know how to customize the OS. What you need here is a Root access. When you have root access, there are different features that you will get. Get the list of features and download the app for your Android.

Root Explorer

Root Explorer

Ultimate features

The application has different tabs to support your functions. In this tabs, you will get various other supports too. Sharing through the help of Google Drive, or dropbox. Other than drop box, you can access BOX and even SQL viewer. Editing text, zip file extraction, and bookmarking help are available for you while using this application.


The website has an exclusive rating from the end of the customers. Different things will allow you to get from the app and based on that; there are 220K top ratings. You can also go through the comments that are already there in the app Read More Tab. The app is a paid one, but you will get a refund within 24 hours. Along with other things, there are different extra features to be added to your in Root Explorer Download.

The added support

  • The app will seek from you a complete network access. This is to support the system help and cloud access. There remains an assurance from the end of the company, where no information will be shared.
  • Add accounts – You can add a new account in the form of Google Drive account. This will not change the settings that you have for the other accounts. Hence, you will be controlling multiple accounts at the same time.
  • The device will not be sleeping during operation at any point of time.

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What’s extra in root explorer

When you are not using root explorer and not having root access on your mobile, you will not get the applications listed. The best option that you are having at this point is the manufacturing application list. You can uninstall the application in an easier and perfect style.

Now, get the most comfortable support in all ways, while using this explorer. You will not have to install many other apps when this one is with you. The final thing is that this is the application that will occupy the least space in your system. So, go to Root Explorer Download and install the same. Try to get through the app as much as possible, since you have 24 hours only for checking the app. If you do not like the same, get back the amount you invested. However, numbers of users are very much less.

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