Best Ways To Increase Traffic to your Website or Blog

Hello friends today we are here to tell you some best ways to increase traffic to your website or blog. This is very big question for every blogger that how to increase website traffic or how to promote your blog. Then you are on right place here we are going to tell you some best ways to increase traffic for your website of blog. We want tell you something about our blog when we start Gadgetlio then we have no high visitors but after some time we found some best Tricks Or ways to increase website traffic. Many website are available on internet which will promise you to increase traffic exchange of money but this traffic can be damage the image of your website. If you want to promote your blog or website and want more free website traffic then you have to follow these simple and best ways and after get high traffic you can make money  form your blog.

If you have a blog or website then it is a lot harder to get people on your blog or website. In this article we will outline some amazing ways to increase your traffic that we personally use to increase traffic on our own blog. These ways also helps you to rank your blog or website on Google, Yahoo or Bing. If you want rank your website then you should need to get quality backlinks. If you have quality backlinks then your blog or website will be on first page on any search engine. And one more thing don’t use low quality backlink, these backlink is not harmful but these are also not valuable for your blog or website.

My Tested ways to Increase Website Traffic:

Here we will tell you some best technique to get more traffic on your blog. We will tell you paid and non paid ways for website traffic. You can use any one or all according to your blog model.

1. Get traffic through PPC

PPC means pay-per-click, you can start advertise your blog or website on google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engine. For this you have to pay money according to click on your advertise. By these advertise you can get lot of traffic on your blog or website. You will get more new visitor on your website through PPC. This the best way to promote your blog or website on internet. For this you have to loose your pocket to get more traffic.

increase website traffic PPC-Website-traffic

In this image we search SEO in google and in result we found this. If you will use PPC then your advertise will come on top and right side like this image. This space is always reserved for advertise. So now you can understand that when any one search about your blog and your website then your blog will be on top. That means your blog is available on first page and then you will get lot traffic for your website from Pay-Per-Click. This is a best opportunity to get more website traffic.


  • your blog or website will be on first page in google search.

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2. Guest Posting:-

If you are a blogger you should need to know the importance of guest posting. Guest posting is a best way to get high quality backlink and these high quality backlink will helps you to rank your blog or website on first page on google search. Guest Posting is a free way to increase website traffic. By this method you will be able to get visitors from any website were you are doing guest post. Try to do guest post on high authority blog or website because it will increase your blog’s  DA or PA. Guest posting is the best way to promote your website or blog quickly through other blogs.


  • You will get high quality backlink through guest posting.
  • It will help in increasing the rank of your blog.

3. SEO(Search engine optimization):-

If you are going to start a blog or website then you should know about SEO. Search engine optimization is very important for any blog or website. Without SEO any search engine can’t search your blog or your posts. Search engine optimization will helps you in “organic search”. Onsite SEO is very important as link building. Make sure you have use proper keyword in your post title and you have use all related keywords in your article. SEO will help you to rank your website free on Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other search engine. This is the best way to get free website traffic.


  • A lot of free traffic for your blog or website.
  • Helps to rank on first page.
  • Helps in organic traffic.

4. Social Media:-

Every one know about social media or social networking site. Social media is the amazing way to increase website traffic. It will take some time to build more fans and followers but if you will get lot of followers or fans then you can get lot of traffic for your blog or website. You can use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pintester or instagram for more fans and followers. Just share your all post on these social networking sites and boooom you will get lot of traffic on your blog or website.


  • Help to build life time traffic (If you have lot of fans and followers).


Now we have introduced 4 amazing ways to generate traffic. If you are going to working on these ways then use these very carefully because through these ways you will get lot of traffic. In my opinion if you are a new blogger then you should use PPC because you are new on internet. So you should need to tell people that your are also here in the world of internet. PPC is the best way to start generate more traffic in starting of your blog or website. After it don’t stop write quality content or article. You should use other Three options with this.

Now try these Tips to increase your website hits and make decent money from your blog or website. And comment me which one is working for you and other methods which you are using. Don’t forget to subscribe to Gadgetlio newsletter for more updates.

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