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Hello, friends today we are here with an amazing article “Event-based Niche Blogging“. As you know that event is very popular in the whole world. You can’t imagine that how much traffic you can get only with a single event. If we wanna talk about money then you also can’t imagine that how much you can earn with a single event blog and only in 1 to 2 days. Many bloggers are working on only Event blogs and they are earning $$$ decent money. Event blog can be based on a single event or can be based on many events. That means you can start an event blog in which you can cover many events. You have to work hard only for one month and then boom!!!!! you will get a lot of money only in one month. Event blogging is the best way to earn $$$ in the short time from your home. Just sit on your favorite place and start Event blogging today.

What is Event Blogging:-

Event bloggers create a blog on the upcoming event. And then they will target the event based audience before the event day. Event based blogs only work on event days like if your event blog is based on new year then your blog will get traffic only on 31st December or 1st January. After it, you will not get any traffic don’t be panic after new year event you can start on valentine day blog. So this process will run whole year and after year & years & years. The main aim of all these Events blogs is Money. Event blogging is a great opportunity to make online money for any blogger or any person who wanna make money online. Now I am going to tell you some high traffic Events, you can start blogging on these events:-

New year, Valentine day, Holi, Easter, Diwali, Christmas etc.

All things will depend on Blogger how they are working. Means if you are doing event blogging then you have to focus on Keyword, Link building, Indexing. If you will work hard then you can earn $$$$.

event blogging Comprehensive-Guide-to-Event-Based-Niche-Blogging

If you are new in a blogging world then this will be a great start for you. And today I will share my full Event blogging experience with you. I will share all technique and tricks to rank your blog on the first page. Surely I will give my best to guide you. 🙂

When you were busy with your bf or of and celebrating the Valentine day than we had some other ideas, no it’s not about love, It is about blogging. On the last valentine day 2016, we made some decent money when you was busy 😛 .

event blogging one day adsense revenue

So now I will tell you how to start an event blog and Some best technique to how you can rank your blog on the first page and how you can make money through your event blog.

How to start event blogging

#1 Plan before the Event:-

You know if we wanna do some work then we have to make a proper plan to be the success in our work. This thing will also work here if you wanna get huge traffic on your blog then you have to create a proper plan for your event. Means you have to find the best event for event blogging with high searches and low competitive Keywords. If you wanna search keywords then I will suggest you Google keyword planner. This is the best tool to search any keyword.

For example, if I am going to work on hold 2016 event then I need to search best keywords which are based on hole 2016. After it, you can go to the next step.

#2 Buy a Domain:-

After planning your event you need to buy a domain. I will suggest you to buy a related keyword domain it will be very helpful to rank your blog. Means your domain name should be related to your event. So if you are planning for a holy event then you have to buy happyholiimages.com, happyholiwishes2016.com, happyholipics2106.com etc.

#3 Setup your blog:-

This is a very important thing that where you want to setup your blog. Means which platform you wanna use to set up your blog (Blogger or WordPress). If I am telling you then I will suggest you Blogger platform. Mostly Event blogs are running on blogger. Because blogger is very simple ,easy to use and main thing blogger is a free hosting platform from google. You don’t have any need to think about crushing your blog it is google’s service. So you can enjoy huge traffic on your blog. So if you wanna do event blogging then Blogger is the best platform than WordPress.

So now click on this and read How to Start Free Blog on Blogspot Step by Step.

After setup, your blog writes some unique and quality post related to your event. Means If you are targeting Holi then you have to write some article on Holi images, Holi SMS, Holi quotes, Holi wishes,greetings, status, WhatsApp DP, Messages etc I will suggest you write the separate article like above line. And one more thing doesn’t copy anything because google is very smart, so just write everything unique. Because unique and quality content will rank quickly.

#4 Keyword Research:-

event blogging

Keyword research is most important thing for any blog because if you have unique and quality keyword then your post will be on the first page of any search engine after some hard work but if you don’t have quality or unique keyword then your post will not rank easily, maybe it will not rank. The low-quality keyword can damage your post, So you have to find some best quality keyword with high searches. If you are thinking that how you can search unique keyword then I will suggest you google keyword planner.

#5 Link Building Techniques:-

Link building is the main task for every blogger because it is the most important part of blogging. Without link building, you can’t rank your blog on google. Link building is the best way to rank your blog in some days. I can’t tell you everything in detail in a single article then, just go to How to Get Quality Backlinks Free Guide for Bloggers and read in detail.

If you are doing blog commenting then use quality anchor text, like holy images, hold wallpaper, hold sims 2016, happy holi 2016 etc, for this, use google keyword planner and find related keywords or alternative keywords.

#6 Make Money With Your Blog:-

Everyone is waiting for this, make money. So now i am going to tell you how you can earn money with your blog. Adsense is the main source of earning from event blog. Because google Adsense is the best ads platform. But you can earn a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing, In-Text ads, CPC ads. You can also use some referral program to earn decent money. You can use Amazon and Flipkart for affiliate marketing and you can use Infolinks as another ads network for In-Text ads. You can use info links with google for extra income.

               Sign up for Infolinks

#9 Hard Work and Don’t Give Up!:-

As like every job, blogging is also a job for you so you have to work hard in blogging and don’t be panic because hard work will give you the best result 🙂 . For event blogging, you have to concentrate on keywords and quality link building because these two things are very important to rank your blog on the top. If you will work hard then no one can stop you to get success in your first event. Try your best and keep blogging 😎 .

I hope after reading this article you wanna start event blogging so go ahead and create your own blog today and enjoy your blogging life. If you are going then comment below And thanks for read this article and stay connect with us for regular new updates. You can subscribe us for regular news and share this post with your all friends on facebook, twitter, and google+. And now I wish you all the very best for Blogging 🙂 and all the best for event blogging, and earn more! Mark my words, Never Give Up like us 🙂 .

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