Future iPhones should incorporate holographic screen produced by Apple

This time www.gadgetlio.com is talking about future iphones screen produced by Apple. Apple would be seeking independence from suppliers of screens for your iGadgets future, they are suggesting new rumors that are increasingly gaining strength in the large network. Well, rumors indicate that the Cupertino giant would open a laboratory in Taiwan that would serve to develop screens for future generations of Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.

future iphones

Hey what do you think about future iphones if you want to know about this then lets read this article. Among the reasons for the US company prefer to set up a lab in Asia would be a reduction in the long-term costs. But the prominent detail is the kind of technology that would be far development of the eyes of competitors. Apple may come to launch a screen with holographic technology to make your devices so before seen only in fiction films become a present reality in the hands of millions of users. In the video below we see a demonstration of the holographic Ostento technology.

Apple future iphones

Apple want to improve screen quality for its future iPhones. Then we have write this article about this tech updates you can see future iphones concept in the video.

To follow through with his plans Apple would assembling a team of R & D engineers in companies. And among the solutions that this select group would be in charge of producing quote screens with micro LED technology, which eliminates the need for backlighting of traditional LCD, and enables an improvement in range of colors and higher resolution, but are still difficult to mass produce.

Attached to the rumor about the development of micro LED screens is also information about a work in OLED displays. And especially holographic display for the iPhone that even dispense with the use of special glasses. The magic would be the use of a special software and hardware. that would make users feel in a scene from Star Wars franchise.
Remember that is currently the Japan Display which manufactures LCD screens for Apple, but in the future the mark of Apple could become independent and even become a competitor to your current provider and other giants of the area such as LG and Samsung. But anyway this was a technology that should not see the light of day in the market at least until early 2018.

So what do you think of the idea? After the failure with the holographic 3D displays could turn out to be a success with the help of Apple?

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