Godaddy Web hosting Full review and Features

Godaddy has the name in web hosting world. With its services and a wide number of users, it has the reputation of trusted web hosting. Godaddy provides the cheapest prize for features. If you are the one looking for economy web hosting, Godaddy is best for you. With economy web hosting facility, you can start by investing a measurable amount. They always have discount offers but only for new customers. Godaddy Web hosting Having many modes of payments make it easier to buy. Let us explore some important factors of web hosting.

Hosting package

Godaddy offers disk space of 100GB. This number may be seemed so low as compared to word ‘unlimited’. But you are a startup or a small company; it is more than enough for you. Godaddy has economy plans with discounts. These plans are offering unlimited bandwidth. It is also offering parked domain. Barrier in this is 100 GB disk space. You have to manage in that. For the first year of sign up you may get free web hosting. If you want to cancel in between this one year of agreement, you have to pay for it as penalty. In case of uptime most of the customers give 4 out of 5 stars for Godaddy.
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By exercising sales and support staff by live chat or call, we can say Godaddy will score average for help and support. As a support they have video tutorials for you to fix the problems. In case if you don’t understand from videos, they are available 24/7 on calls. All the support features are provided free of cost. After specifying your problem to the help and support team, they take minimum 20 minutes to do a reply. This may be looking for a quick reply but believe me it is a very long waiting period when server goes down and you have to fix it immediately. So, in case of support Godaddy have to improve a lot.


Godaddy is good enough about control panel. It has an 11.40.1 version of cPanel. It may be called user friendly and well equipped. Domain manager, file manager and database manager all works good. Including many more features other than the standard ones cPanel is an attractive page. You have to keep patience with setup time. Godaddy keeps some features hidden from economy plan holders. We can’t rank Godaddy first because of some missing additional features in cPanel. It also lacks at database facilities like backup and restoring it from failures and crashes.


Like some features are not meant for economy plan holders, higher level security is also compromised for them. With economy plan they use secure shell and also protect your emails from spam with spam detection facility. Basic introductory packages miss higher security like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to make your URL secure. So with basic plan you can’t add E-commerce in your website.
With such factors, we can summarize that Godaddy is a very good option with cheap investments. For support, you can get help from Google as users keep on posting a number of problems and their solutions. You can easily get a solution from that list. All in all, if uptime is not your concern you can go for Godaddy.

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