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Hello friends today we are here to share a very interesting information with you how to make money on youtube. Today everyone knows about youtube because we are using youtube daily in our life. You can get everything on youtube with full explanation and also with full experiments. But can you imagine that every youtuber is making lot of money through videos. If you don’t know about that then you are on right blog because today we will tell you how to make money from youtube. Youtube is a very big platform where you can upload your videos and your videos will be show world wide on web. It is not only about upload any video, you can also make a decent money with your videos. Now you will think that how much you can earn money from a video.

Your earning will depends on views on your video and how much ads are watching by people. If you have a unique idea to create a video for youtube then don’t waste your time just record your video and upload it on youtube and then start make money on youtube with your first video. Now i wanna tell you something don’t copy any video and don’t upload downloaded videos because youtube is very smart you can’t earn money on copyrighted content or videos. So Just think about any new idea and make your own channel on youtube and ready to became a millionaire. And you will be very popular in whole world only with a new and unique idea. Now i will tell you some top youtubers earning just hold your breath and read carefully.

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PewDiePie is the top youtuber in the world and he has 40 Million subscribers on youtube. Now if we will talk about his earning then he made $12 million last year. Now I will tell you how much a video can earn on youtube. I hope you know about “Gangnam Style” song it was very popular song and this song make $870,000 only in one month. Now you can think about yourself that how much you can earn from youtube.

Now lets take a look

How to Make Money on Youtube


1-Create a Series:-

Create a series is a amazing idea to earn lot of money in a sort time. You can create a short story Series like love story series and action series by these series you will get many views in a single day and when you will get lot of views then you will be able to make lot of money through your videos. Benny and Raffi Fine made their YouTube “Kids React” series profitable With over 360 million views.

2 – Tutorials:-

Tutorials is very popular right now on youtube because if you wanna do something you will serch how to do anything which you want that means your are going to watch a tutorial. So tutorials is on trends now and you can also make decent money through these videos. Michelle Phan is a makeup artist and she is making tutorials and teaches women how to purchase cosmetics. She has 8,382,567 subscribers and 1,231,721,223 video views. You can create your own tutorial like reviews, how to etc.

3– Sell your own Products:-

You can also sale your own product on youtube through videos. Just record a video of your product and tell everything about your product. Then you will be able to sell your product on youtube.You can create a channel for Blogilates, fitness and Pilates teacher. Cassey Ho has 16 million views where she sells her own Pilate exercise clothing and gym bags. You can make money according to you by selling your products.

4-Become A YouTube Partner:-

You can also become a youtube partner by this you can put some advertise on your video. Then you can make money according to clicks on ads and overlay ads. This will pay you a decent money. Money will be change per click according to country. you will also get money per 1000 views on video. This will also be according to country you will get .30$ to 7$  per 1000 views. So just upload your first video on youtube and start make money on youtube. Currently there are more than 15,000 YouTube partners throughout the world.

5-Reviewing affiliate programs:-

reviewing a affiliate product is very amazing idea because it is very simple and quick way to make money. You need only a affiliate account on eCommerce website and then review the product and tell every thing about product to you viewers and leave your link in description. Then you will get commission on every sale according to product. you can sale any electronic item, baby care, cosmetic, clothes etc which you want and make decent income in short time.

6-Create a Hit Single!:-

If you are thinking to create a youtube video then think about a single video which can be hit in a single hour. And then you will be millionaire in a single hour. I told you about “Gangnam Style” song above. This song was hit in only 58 second and made 1.7 million only in 58 seconds. So you can also make a video which can be viral only in a single day and boom next day you will play with $$$$.


Overall, I wanna say you that you can also be a millionaire, you need only hard work and a good idea to create videos. Your channel can take 1 year or 1 day to get popular it will be depend on your content and publicity. Now just go ahead and record your first video.

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