Remove default apps in Apple iOS 9 Ultimate Free Guide

How to remove default apps in apple ios 9. Do you know something about this. Everyone facing this problem that how to remove unwanted applications from iOS 9. And if you want some help to do this you are on right place in this article you can get every information that how to remove default apps in apple iOS 9 device.

Today we are going to know that how to remove default apps in Apple’s iOS 9 latest operating. You can also do ios 9 update from the apple official site. Currently still not allow this trick but we have some special and easy tricks to do this. Apple is the official ios 9 developer then no one have any authority to do any change in this operating system. But just for make your iOS 9 device easy and free we are giving some best tips to do this. In my this blog you can see the list of ios 9 devices. iOS 9 have a lot of amazing and new features for users. User interface is also too good. You have to update your device in this operating system to enjoy amazing and interesting stuff. You can see ios 9 preview in my previous article.

remove default apps in apple ios 9

iOS 9 Features-

In this new operating system we have some great features this. In my this blog i have listed some great features for this operating system.

1. Softer and faster performance in older iOS devices.

2. Fast App Switcher.

3. Better, faster Siri active.

4. Spotlight search pages.

5. battery optimization.

6. Better security.

7. iPad-only features.

8. Improved keyboard.

9. App thinning.

10. Amazing user interface.

List Of iOS 9 Devices-

Hey here i am giving the list of some devices which supports this version of iOS. You can update your device but please make sure your device is listed in this list.

iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5C
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S

iPad Pro
iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad 4
iPad 3
iPad 2

iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini 3
iPad Mini 2
iPad Mini

iPod Touch 6 Gen
iPod Touch 5G.

How to remove default apps in apple ios 9 –

Apple still does not allow to officially remove the  iOS 9 applications that are standard system. But dissatisfied with this limitation may resort there is a flaw discovered in iOS versions 9.1 and 9.2 eliminates these unwanted applications.

The process is very simple, just add all the applications you want to remove in a single folder, then select the first target to be deleted by dragging it to the side of the maximum folder that can (creating new areas within the folder), and with your finger still on the application, tap the home button. Voilà, the application must magically disappear. If got any questions, just follow the video tutorial below.

Video tutorial –

If you want a tutorial to do this then you can check this video tutorial to remove a default app in iOS 9. Because in opinion video tutorial is the best to do anything. So to make this trick easy i am giving a video tutorial. You have to watch this video.

This trick that exploits the flaw in iOS 9.1 and 9.2 the disappearance of applications will be temporary and when the user wants to have the option to back simply restart your device. But you can repeat the process again.

It is worth noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook said a few weeks ago that his company is working on a way to allow users of iOS can remove some of these applications they see as the system default. Of course, not all apps can be removed, even temporarily, because they are important for the operating system operation. I hope you will be interested in remove default apps in apple ios 9.

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