Instagram Automation with Proxies

Instagram Automation with Proxies

Different people use Instagram differently. Many use it to share photos with friends like it is done on Facebook. No matter how you use Instagram for, it is one of the best platforms for marketing purposes.

Marketers who use this image sharing platform for marketing purposes need to know that a single account isn’t enough.

Having multiple IG accounts is satisfying since it helps to increase your follower base and for analytics purposes. It is a challenge to manage multiple IG accounts especially when you want to detach an account.

Users need to understand that Instagram checks the IP address you are using whenever you access your account.

This way, Instagram will notice when you move from one account to another as you will be using the same account, and this makes the platform to become suspicious of your activities which could lead you to get banned from the platform.

When it comes to automation of messages, it becomes necessary for one to use dedicated software. This is the reason why you need proxies.
Note that proxies will help you when it comes to Instagram automation; create multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It is also important to note that using IG automation tools without proxies can make your accounts to get suspended especially if you want to send messages to multiple accounts and once.

What is Instagram Proxies?

Before we proceed to Instagram proxies, a proxy is a server that stands between a user and the destination server.

This way, when you send requests, your proxy server handles all the work on your behalf, so the destination website and all other internet users cannot detect your online presence.

A proxy will provide you with an IP address to use instead of your real IP address.

When proxy servers were introduced, they were solely used for private and anonymous browsing.

However, today, proxies are used by marketers for research and marketing purposes. This is why Instagram marketing with proxies comes in.

Instagram automation proxies are designed for use by marketers to automate numerous social media accounts concurrently.

Note that social media platforms are the most restrictive sites and Instagram proxy providers are also a few. Also, even if you use private proxies, they will get blocked on these platforms.

Therefore, Instagram proxies plus other social media tools are useful. Their IPs are new. However, Instagram proxies are costly but the fact that they can connect social accounts securely makes it a worthy investment.

Why Instagram Proxies are Useful

Instagram Automation with Proxy

If you are just managing a single social media account from the same PC then you don’t have to have IG proxies or dedicated proxies.

However, if you manage several accounts at once, then working with proxies is a must. Note that social media platforms including Instagram have limits of the number of accounts owned from a single IP address to 5.

This is to mean that if you own more than the required number, then Instagram will likely block some or all your accounts. Proxies for Instagram help you in this situation as they will help you to run more accounts at once and they will never get banned or blocked from any social media network.

Note that as a marketer, you want to share photos of your brand on Instagram and other social networks with the aim of reaching many people.

But it is hard to get a huge following, and this is, in fact, challenging for new Instagram accounts but it’s possible for old accounts.

Therefore, marketers opt to create fake accounts and this is where the need for proxies becomes inevitable. It worth noting that when choosing Instagram proxies, one needs to be cautious.

There are plenty of IG proxies to choose from out there, however, not all are safe to use. Some are already banned by numerous social media accounts so using them risks your account from being banned.

Working with Instagram Proxies

Instagram Automation

When you buy Instagram proxies from the providers, you get a particular IP address to use on Instagram. Different proxies have different IP addresses which make it hard for the platform to recognize you when you access the network as you will always appear to be new all the time and from different locations.

This will prevent Instagram from suspending your accounts as you will appear to be signing into your accounts from different computers and locations.


Instagram Proxies are helpful, especially for marketers when it comes to automation and management of multiple social media accounts.

Instagram proxies will connect all your accounts and make it appear that you are accessing the platform from different locations and from different computers.

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