iPhone 7: Concept with fine design, AMOLED screen and more [video]

Hello friends today we are here to tell you about iphone 7 design and some concepts. The cool part to wait for the launch of a new mobile phone is that a number of designers rely on the help of leaks and rumors also to create “real” images of what the manufacturers are preparing. Some of them even can come close to the reality of the times, although some are able to cross the line. In this case, the concept created by Arthur Reis takes into account a number of features that we hope for the new generation of the iPhone, and the result is impressive.

iPhone 7: Concept

iphone 7 concept side designiphone 7 concept design and width

Without bringing any striking change in the final appearance of the appliance, Reis added to the “iPhone 7”, as it has been called by the media so far, a thinner design with water resistance, as has been speculated for weeks. In addition, he also added what may be an AMOLED display, another item that has also been widely discussed for the next generation of the Apple phone.

He also removed the headphones connector on the bottom of the device and added AirPods wireless supposedly produced by Beats in the package. not yet know whether Apple will remove the 3.5mm connector, though, if this is true, it may be strategic to make the finest product and waterproof.


Among other novelties, Reis also added a Charging Pad, or in a very simple way, a charging base for induction of Apple. We do not know whether the company should even launch an accessory like this, but it would be something interesting, considering that other manufacturers (like Samsung) already do this for its flagships.

iphone 7 concept button

It is curious how Kings handles the Home button iPhone 7. According to his view, Apple can add features 3D Touch on the mobile front button, which add extra features when triggered.

Finally, in addition to its variant “Plus”, the iPhone 7 come to the market in rose gold colors, gold, silver and space gray, as well as the current generation.

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