iPhone 7 Specification: with Giant Camera, Waterproof, Light Ring

Hello everyone, today in our this article we have something very interesting for you that is we have a big news about iPhone 7 Specification. We know very well that this time apple is ready to hit the smartphone market with their upcoming smartphone iPhone 7. So in our this article we will talk about iPhone 7 Specification that you will be liked. As we know that we all are eagerly waiting for iPhone 7 release, but now sorry but we have no information about iPhone 7 release date we will tell you as soon as possible about its release date. But you have to read about iPhone 7 SpecificationToday in our this article we have some interesting information about iPhone 7 camera, iPhone 7 light ring and its waterproof, yeah this time apple goings to give a smartphone which will be waterproof. We hope now you are getting too much excited to read about this update. Then don’t be worry let’s read this article and you will get every useful information about iPhone 7 Specification. So let’s read about it.

iPhone 7 Specification-

Then guys as we told you that we will talk about iPhone 7 Specification so we have collected a lot of useful information about iPhone 7 specification that you may like and you may share it with your friends. So let’s read about this. While the iPhone is only 7 Wishlist recently comes another device concept, and this instigates the discussion of design. Putting aside the colors in which the images suggest that the smartphone would be sold (these being white, black, blue, pink and silver), three new features stand out.

The most striking feature at first glance is the camera. Instead of the subtle ball placed in a corner of the frame, the camera adopts concept is monstrous in comparison. Occupying more or less three times the area of the previous camera designs. According to the image related to this under the iDevice would be 6 lenses that would allow a more advanced zoom. What it means remains a mystery.

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The next topic to be addressed part of an image that shows the iPhone 7 into the water, with the caption “underwater” on the side. This suggests that if this concept to fruition, we would be facing the first announced iPhone as being waterproof. It should be remembered that, for more than the iPhone 6s support to a submerged time, it is not advertised with that in mind in any Apple advertising.

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Finally, comes the ring that appears in evidêcia and details of the images. It appears to be a transparent material ring, and very similar to a light bulb. This concept, therefore, abandon the lamps at camera left in favor of a more centralized lighting. They are, in fact, a number of changes to the already classic design of the iPhone. After this article, we have a little bit information about iPhone 7 release date. The launch of the iPhone 7 should be scheduled for the end of 2016, probably in September.

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