Launch event for iPhone 6s in Brazil has climate wake


Compare the iPhone 6s launch event with a funeral may seem hard for some users, but we must remember the pomp of the festivities that were held just a few years, with queues that formed until days before and made several curves in malls corridors or busy streets. As we reported earlier, Apple’s new high-end smartphone is officially available in green and yellow ground for exorbitant amounts From $ 4000 (the version with only 16GB of space for internal storage). And that may have been the main reason for the very weak reception.

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This is definitely a “Friday the 13th” for Apple in Brazil. In addition to the high values ​​for the iPhone 6s line, leaked a few days in advance, we also have the current financial situation and the country’s politics, with devalued currency and dollar in the highest, overall instability and risk of impeachment of President Dilma, besides the probable cancellation mandate the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha. Ingredients that away fans of the Cupertino mark of Apple Stores tupiniquins.

The Apple Store Morumbi in Sao Paulo, opened its doors with a row of only 20 people, and almost half were journalists and photographers only interested in recording the fiasco. The first user to buy the iPhone 6s in that store, Mark Tomazzini engineer, 36, said he already “knew it would be mid” and added in an interview with Gizmodo Brazil; “I’m just buying [two 6s Plus 64GB iPhone] because I could ever sell my iPhone 6 and my wife for R $ 3,000 each. I’m just acquainting to buy this newest “. Tomazzini also said that “if it were not so difficult to buy the phone here. Is too expensive”.

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For those who have not had access to information on prices, have the iPhone 6s in four different colors – silver, space gray, gold and rose gold – with an initial price of $ 4000 (16GB) to $ 4900 for the Plus model with 128GB and 5.5 inch screen. Values ​​that drive potential buyers and attract only those who can get rid of a previous model without losing much in the aftermarket.

Even though the most valuable company in the world, it seems the game is turning against Apple, at least here in Brazil. And even developments in resources was able to reverse the sad picture, recalling that the new iGadgets have faster processors, more RAM, a strengthened body (against bendgate), the Touch ID twice as fast in the biometric scanning and for the first time in a few years, upgrading the rear camera of 8MP that goes to 12MP, with 5 megapixel front sensor. Closes the new 3D Touch feature package, which allows to recognize the touch pressure level on the screen to trigger different actions on applications or games.

And I, was in any of Apple Stores in Brazil during this Friday? How was the move? Also part of the little group that resold predecessors devices to acquire the new iPhone 6s or will keep the hope that day (and prices) are ahead?


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