New rumor claims that the S Pen from the Galaxy Note 5 will have automatic ejection


S Pen from the Galaxy Note 5


This week we saw renderings based on data from images released by Samsung for mobile capinhas manufacturers. It is normal for companies always release this type of information so that when a new smartphone reach the market already have a good amount of accessories. In the images we see revealed that the S Pen would be fully inserted into the metal body of the Galaxy Note 5, which helped fuel the previous rumors stating that Samsung planned to open its patent on a stylus pen with automatic ejection. However, a new source denies that it will.
In previous generations of the company’s phablet, the user could remove the S Pen to pull the crayon manually. This is possible thanks to a crease that is in the bottom of the casting model that allows you to pull the accessory without much difficulty. With the change to a design inspired by the Galaxy S6, bringing metal body with front and rear glass, it will be impossible to do the same.

According to the source, to eject the S Pen you must press the corresponding area on the stylus and the new engine pushes the pen out. The source also claims that the model will come with a sealed battery, but this is hardly surprising. It is also commented that the S6 Edge Plus will come the same day, estimated to August 13, coming with same screen size (5.7 inches) and even hardware – which ends up going against the rumors claiming that the model would come with Snapdragon 808.

On the same day Samsung may launch its new smartwatch, the Gear A. He will circular design with Exynos chipset 3472. Thus, it is expected that both new smartphones as the smart watch to come to market later in late August.

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