Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review, price and specification

Galaxy note 5 unboxing

The package follows the same we’ve seen in the latest handsets with a thin cardboard, almost without texture and reminiscent of recycled material – but it’s not. Opening the box we found the phone, a tray of the tool for Nano-SIM extraction, promotional material and instruction manuals, along with an organization of accessories that closely resembles Apple. Inspiration is so great that Samsung put the headset in its own box, with the USB cable and below the charger jack.galaxy note 5 design

This change really shows where it comes from part of the inspiration of the South Korean brand, but at the same time makes everything more organized and without the cardboard divisions, which were until last generation of the Note and were crushed with ease.

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Galaxy note 5 External part

The body of the Galaxy Note 5 is made of a metal mixed with glass, leaving aside – FINALLY – the plastic that was up to version 4 phablet. He received curves and lines that closely resemble the S line, while maintaining a more boxy guy who has always been in this model. In front there is a Super AMOLED screen of 5.7 inches with resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, approximate density of 518 pixels per inch, which meets 75.9% of the front of the cell. Yet here is the fingerprint reader (which evolved from S line and now no longer requires you to “scrape” the finger through it, just pull over and done), light sensors, proximity and a front camera that works with 5 megapixels – and lens wider viewing angle, which puts more people in the same selfie.

galaxy note 5 design  galaxy note 5 design

The right side is the on / off switch and the other side are the volume controls. Above is a drawer that only serves to fit the Nano-SIM, with the secondary microphone. Below are the entries for ouvio jack, cable microUSB, speakerphone and the S Pen stylus housing, which can cause damage almost irreversible – do not try in any way, put pen upside down (with the tip out and the eject button inside). If you do, it will lock and hardly losing completely their function and damaging the visual device. Seriously, do not try. What scares is up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to put a kind of lock on the pen and that prevented the inclusion on the contrary, something that does not exist in this model. Samsung hey!

galaxy note 5 design

Galaxy note 5 has 16 megapixel camera, able to shoot in 4K and living with the player of heartbeat and the LED flash, right next door. The back is made of glass and won the Screen bends Galaxy S6 Edge, which does not make much sense at first glance, but it helps in time to fit in their hands. It is more comfortable.

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Galaxy note 5 Dimensions, footprint and weight

Ok, we have a slightly curved rear edges and this helps a lot in the footprint, but is far from solving the problem of a big machine. He is big, brand phablet you’re used to seeing and is difficult to use the screen with just one hand. What caught my attention in the grip was not quite curvature of the side, but the glass does not slip as a glass should do – plus, Samsung!

Galaxy note 5 dimensions are 153 millimeters high by 76 wide and 7.6 mm thick, all added to 171 grams of total weight. They are numbers from a device that is thin, but not so light as well and that will make volume on a tighter pocket.

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Galaxy note 5 Android Performance

Inside is a pauzudo processor, but we’ve seen on another device (in S6), which is a Exynos 7420 running eight 64-bit cores, four at 1.5 GHz and four in 2.1 GHz, accompanied by 4GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (with 24.9 GB free for the user and can not receive help of a microSD, since the external memory was abolished here). All this means that the performance of this guy is fast, extremely fast and handles easily when there is more than one app open at the same time. I managed to run up to 10 of them, unaware fall in screens transition speed.
The same Android modified by Samsung which is in galaxy note 5, are the latest handsets of the S line, but with some changes to add features to the S Pen. Focusing the conversation on it, we have some actions that can be performed immediately when you pull the pen from his little hole:

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Galaxy note 5 If the display is off

galaxy note 5 pen off screen

Just pull the pen with the off / locked screen and write on the display, a “white paint” fills the entire display and allows quick notes. This feature is new and ensures that you can quit taking notes, without the need for entering the password to unlock the display to only then note.

Galaxy note 5 With the on-screen

galaxy note 5 pen

Action reminder: a very quick way out noting, which is exactly the same thing that you can do with a locked screen, only the “paper” is no longer black and the “ink” is no longer white. Once noted, if you do not save, can you leave the note saved on the handset screen, in the style of post-it.

Intelligent selection: lets you cut a piece of the screen, with the possibility to choose even a specific format and which is not of square or rectangular selection – has the magnetic lasso, known to the Photoshop guys!
Writing on screen: capture the screen and allows you to write on something already known to the Note line and that is very handy when you need to draw a map on Google Maps, or indicate what the nifty app that you just download – and wants to show how the icon.

In addition to these three functions, you can add some shortcuts in the list of possibilities and this shortcut can be for any app installed on the device – or even to open the settings menu, for example.

S Health: an app that manages your physical activities and monitors their health, based on device sensors of information (player heart rate, oxygenation of the blood and motion sensors). Google would be a Fit, but more complete.

SideSync: causes the device to talk to a computer and can even share files from each side.

Download accelerator: 4G mixture with Wi-Fi to speed up downloading files, which can be great for speed and bad for your data plan with your service provider.

Voice recorder: competent enough to use both device microphones to improve the quality in audio capture.

Smart Manager: shows how is the battery consumption (help in time to save), the internal space still exists and offers a manager to clean up unnecessary things, allows you to clear the RAM and finally and nothing useful in fact, offers the installing an app to protect against viruses and other problems.

On the unnecessary apps and could disappear from here, we have the S Voice voice assistant (who loses badly to Google Now, which is already installed on Note 5) Samsung browser (with resources below the Chrome also already present in the device) and Flipboard screen, it would be interesting to have the Google Launcher Now this screen, than news sources that you can not add or remove.

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Oh, if you enjoy benchmarks, here are three of them:

galaxy note 5 benchmark galaxy note 5 benchmark galaxy note 5 benchmark

Galaxy note 5 Games

galaxy note 5 games galaxy note 5 games

The GPU handles all the graphics is a Mali-T760MP8 that working together with the processor and 4 GB of RAM, can deliver a spectacular performance in games. Anything you want to run here, from simple Angry Birds and Crush Candy, going up to the heavy Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3 will run well. Heavier games swirled with all graphics at most and without choking the operating system, even when they were many cars in the same scene.

Galaxy note 5 Camera

Samsung is one of the best smartphone makers with good cameras, delivering not only great experience in pictures, but also a very fast way to capture these moments. The Galaxy S6 surprised me with the capture rate of the photos, with the work of HDR and color reproduction, and in galaxy note 5, history repeats itself. The sensor continues with the 16 megapixel models this year, with aperture of f / 1.9 and optical image stabilization, resulting in photos with great quality in the colors, the details and noise almost non-existent in night shots.

Samsung definitely has the best camera sensor on smartphones, leaving the well spoken Microsoft (Nokia) aside and going to oblivion.

Galaxy note 5 Strengths and weaknesses

Strong points

High quality building material
Super AMOLED screen is, for years one of the best in the market
The best camera you can find in a smartphone (in 2015)
Stylus pen full of functions and utilities


Samsung, where you put the entry for microSD?
Failure grave near the S Pen
S Pen is a little forward, breaking the design line the edges
Apps unnecessary and can not be uninstalled completely, as the browser of Samsung

Final evaluation of Gadgetlio

Cost benefit                        galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5

The Galaxy Note 5 has, in fact, the best that Samsung may provide for a smartphone, but it’s too expensive and – again – the company set aside the entry for a microSD card, with the possibility of replacing the battery.

Packaging and features    galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5

All well organized, right up the box with the headset – remember Apple, enough.

Convenience                       galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5

Comfortable unit, with little glass slide and rear with slightly curved edges.

Ease of use                          galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5

TouchWiz teaches enough to use, but it could have more tips.

Multimedia                          galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5

Will run all you want, since heavy sets up high-definition movies.

General voting                     galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5galaxy note 5

If you have money to spare and loves the best of technology, buy. It comes with a better camera, Android better performance and a body that delivers, in fact, a premium experience. Only sins for being too expensive and not bring slot for microSD.


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