Samsung Galaxy ON7 review: Camera, Specification, price

Hey hello friends today we are going to Reviewing a latest gadget Galaxy ON7. In my this article you can galaxy on7 Specification, galaxy on7 price, Galaxy on7 Features. And this is a budget friendly and user friendly device. You can get everything in this device. Lets have look for Galaxy ON7 Review.

Samsung Galaxy ON7 Introduction and unboxing

Samsung Galaxy ON7. Samsung is a major player when it comes to mobile, but it is also one of the most known to flood the market with very similar models and that confuse the user’s head.In my this article guys you can see every information about Galaxy ON7. You can get Galaxy ON7 Specification in my this blog. In 2015 the brand promised to decrease the amount of new Galaxies. But it was not quite what happened and the Galaxy On7 is another device average cost of South Korean brand, with quad-core processor, big screen, physical button on the front and that comes with the same look of many other smartphones. The difference? It is only sold on websites, no physical store – so the “On” in the name.


Samsung Galaxy ON7 Samsung Galaxy ON7

The package is the same as we have seen in smartphones from other times and the same brand, only focusing on the latest. We have here a very thin cardboard, with minimalist look and presents only the model name and some information about the device. Opening the package you find the smartphone, printed material, making charger, USB data cable and a headset that is far from comfortable, but that breaks the branch to be “free.”

Design and Body

Samsung Galaxy ON7

Outside little differs from the Galaxy On7 other models, as it keeps the same look with slightly curved corners, plastic that mimics metal in textured edges and back, only this time in a texture reminiscent of (much) leather , something very close to what we saw already the Galaxy Note 4. On the front you find a LDC TFT screen of 5.5 inches with resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, approximate density of 267 pixels per inch and is able to reproduce well Color – for a TFT. At larger angles color tones ends up losing far more intensely than what happens in IPS displays, or even in AMOLED. Still ahead is the central physical button (the Samsung insists on keeping, being one of the only manufacturers in the market that still uses this type of interaction), proximity sensor and a front camera of 5 megapixels and f / 2.2, which is almost the same openness you find there at the back camera.

On the left side are the volume controls with on / off switch on the other side. Below are the microUSB input and headphone jack, with nothing on the other side. Happy Republic DayAgo in a plastic that has been thinner and is now tougher, we have the rear camera with its 13 megapixels, f / 2.1 and is capable of shooting at up to Full HD at 30 frames per second. Next to it is the speaker and also the LED to flash.

Inside are two entrances to the SIM card and the other for microSD cards up to 128 GB. The battery is removable and has 3.000mAh capacity and managed by the operating system and guarantee a full day of moderate use. In my tests, I was a full day with the unit in your pocket and main smartphone, leaving the outlet at 8 am and coming home around 19h, with approximately 20% charge remaining. Can I go home, go to the bar and load again only after the return.

Dimensions, footprint and weight

Samsung Galaxy ON7


We have here a great device, which like any great smartphone from any manufacturer, is too big for little hands – even to hands that are not as small as well, but they face difficulties to operate the set with one hand. The screen utilization is 70.9% of the front of the device, which is a good sign – after all, most screen in front of the device means necessarily edges thin and this is visible on the front of the unit. With dimensions of 15.1 cm tall by 7.7 cm wide and 0.8 cm thick, with the 172 grams of total weight, have a real phablet that will take up space in your pocket and even in a purse who does not enjoy a lot of space.

Android Performance

Samsung chose the version 5.1.1 of Android to run here, which is the latest version of Google’s operating system at the time of its release. It runs down the notorious TouchWiz, which is not visually without so many textures, as in more stocky devices, but delivering a modern feel. The amount of pre-installed junk greatly diminished and this may have occurred due to the very limited internal memory. Here are 37 pre-installed apps, app up there to what Google already does natively on Android, such as decline of the router application, function you turn natively in communications within the device settings. Fortunately it can uninstall most of them, but the space apk (the installer apps) continues to occupy the internal memory. Another app that exists here and should die, is the Samsung browser. He’s good, but loses badly in features and capabilities compared to Chrome, which also is here and ready for use.

They are 8GB of space, with just over 4 GB free for the user. Have a couple of browsers that can not be uninstalled, even choose which one will be on the device, it is quite painful for device apps installed capacity.

Samsung Galaxy ON7

The animations are fluid without gagging when you are under five applications open at once. The processor is a Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 quad-core that runs at 1.2 GHz, along with 1.5 GB of RAM and Adreno 306 memory playing the role of graphics card set that is responsible for the flow even in heavy TouchWiz.

The extra functions that the modified interface places are very cool, like double-tap the Home button to call the camera (even with the locked screen), easy way for children or seniors (only a few icons are on the screen, and large) and there is a solution from Samsung to recharge credit of those who have prepaid smartphone in the line. As we are a simpler model, there is no action by gestures to control features like media playback or put the device in silent mode.

Samsung Galaxy ON7

Finally, there’s an app called Smart Manager, which promises to clear the RAM, keep an eye on the battery level and suggest energy-saving, deleting temporary and unnecessary data, with the Intel solution for malware protection (unnecessary , really).


Samsung Galaxy ON7 Samsung Galaxy ON7 Samsung Galaxy ON7 Samsung Galaxy ON7 Samsung Galaxy ON7id155690


The camera of this model has a 13 megapixel sensor, but it can work very similarly to the Galaxy S5 or the closest, which is the Galaxy A5, he succeeded. We have a very close resemblance in color reproduction, detail and depth of field (you can blur the background easily, leaving only the front in focus). The front camera, which is one of the mobile decoys, delivery and 5 megapixels is more than enough for any video calling app, and ensure good selfies. They, the selfies, gain a help of a wide-angle lens allows more people in the same picture, or prevent his friend’s side is his arm out of the picture.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strong points

  • Texture that mimics leather gives a more sophisticated air to the unit
  • Plastic ultimately is not malleable and fragile
  • Big screen, great for movies and photos
  • Very current Android


  • Footprint is not very comfortable
  • 8 GB of space is shameful
  • Compared to its competitors, it loses almost all
  • Big screen too much for the chosen resolution
  • Final evaluation of Tudocelular
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