Seven Doubts You Should Clarify About Seo Expert Services


SEO expert services can be offered by anyone if he/she is able to get a good grasp of the basics of SEO over time. There is actually no rocket science involved with SEO. Any person who has basic intelligence is able to learn and implement the basics of SEO to establish a good and steady earning business. This is the good part about it. The bad part is that with the popularity and success of anything there is always fraud and scam involved. SEO services are no different. People these days with a stable internet connection and no particular job in hand can claim to be an expert in the profession. The result is loss of time and money in addition to a bad experience. So how can you judge and distinguish between an authentic and fraud SEO expert?

7 Things Fake And Scam SEO Experts Do

Here are the seven things that every fraud SEO expert will do. These are also seven easy ways to identify a fraud who is offering fake SEO expert services to make money and cheat people.

Number 1 – Your ‘SEO Expert’ Is Not Telling You What He Is Up To

When your hire an expert to avail their SEO expert services, you are actually putting your trust into their hands. You do not only trust them with your business or brand but are also depending on them to take your brand one step ahead at a time towards progress and success. Hence, this also means that there should be open communication between the expert and yourself. If your hired SEO professional believes in keeping work private and hidden, then this is enough to raise your eyebrows. This is the first sign of non-authenticity.

Number 2 – He Promises Services That Are Exceptionally Amazing

Promises cannot be made as far as SEO expert services are concerned. The results are only known once you get the feedback from the engaged audiences. Hence, beware of people who promise you exceptionally amazing services that will generate exceptional results. These are people who genuinely have no clue of what they are talking about.

Number 3 – The Self-Proclaimed Expert Cannot Explain Things When Required To

During the process of creating content or working together on a project will need your ‘expert’ to explain a few ongoing things to you. However, if he/she claims that the content and all that goes into creating is rather too technical and complicated for you to understand that is where you should realize it is a scam right away.

Number 4 – SEO Services Offered Are Not Meaningful

SEO content is actually directly linked to the marketing trends and your brand. Hence, if the content that is being generated does not deliver some meaning or does not link back to your brand, product or services; then this is a failure on part of the expert at his job.

Number 5 – He Wants To Speed Things Up With Automation

Automation is a helpful thing and it has been created to facilitate man and improve work efficiency. But automation does not go hand in hand with content creation. Content on websites needs to be unique and original. So if the professional wants to rely on automation for creating content, this is a true sign of non-professionalism and incompetency.

Number 6 – Current Number Of Clients Is Alarmingly High

This is the first thing that you should, in fact, ask the expert, prior to making any long-term deals with him/her. If the current number of clients that your SEO expert is working with is too many, say more than 5 at a given point of time; realize that it is a scam. This is because content quality can suffer badly with so many clients.

Number 7 – Encourages The Use Of TOO Many Backlinks

There is no doubt that back links help to affiliate with a large number of search engines. However, that does not mean that content should be bombarded with back links to websites, relevant and irrelevant, just to be included in the search engines results. If you SEO expert is encouraging the use of a little too many back links in the content, that is when you need to put your foot down and take control of things. This is a true sign that not only is your self-proclaimed expert of SEO not capable and experienced enough but is actually not working in the right direction

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