Speed Comparison: iPad Pro faces the Apple tablets

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In my this article i am talking about Apple iPad Pro. Apple announces the iPad Pro for three months. And has reaped good results of investment in the development of a tablet. With a generous 12.9-inch screen. Accompanied by a stylus and focus on productivity. This combination joined the list of the best inventions of 2015. TIME magazine and has landed in Brazil by values that reach almost R $ 10 thousand. But is that the device is worth all this? It’s trying to show a comparative speed in relation to all the other younger siblings iPad line. In the first clashes between Pro iPad and its main competitor (Microsoft Surface Pro 4). Big Apple tablet could not prevail, despite little difference. And compared to other products in the same line? It also would be greater in performance?

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Before we go to the comparative video. It’s worth taking a look in the technical characteristics of challengers. We have since the first-generation iPad with 1GHz A4 processor. 256MB of RAM, 9.7-inch screen and iOS 5.1.1 until the challenger and newest iPad Pro. With its A9X 2.25GHz processor. 4GB of RAM, 12.9-inch screen and iOS 9.

iPad Pro











iPad Pro

The video produced by EverythingApplePro and posted on its YouTube channel. Is to assess the operating system boot time and the score achieved in the Geekbench benchmark test and other resources. Such as data transmission speed for a connection to the internet , check.

The iPad Pro confirmed his favoritism to be the fastest from the start until the system was ready for operation in addition to the points up to 60% higher than those obtained by the Air iPad 2. We also had impressive results in download rates, volume of high -falantes and even quality rear camera for photos.


The idea of Cupertino is that your new tablet is the replacement of the notebook, the question is whether users will agree with this proposal. Processing power, the iPad has shown that Pro has, but does the price of the device and accessories will be inviting enough to divert the eyes of options like the Surface Pro 4 giant from Redmond?

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