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Hello friends as you know today we are here to talk about How you can start free blog on blogspot free. If you wanna start free blog or website and if you are a new blogger then blogspot platform is best for you. Because you are new in blogging field then you should start new blog without investment so in my opinion you should go to Blogspot platform. Here is a full guide about How to start a blog for beginners.

If you are not a new blogger then you should use wordpress platform with your own hosting and own domain. Because blogger can’t fulfill your requirement and desires. On wordpress platform you have to invest some money but if you wanna really make some money or want to be famous then we will suggest you wordpress platform. WordPress is a advance version of and it helps you to become more professional with self hosted blog.

Blogsopt allows to create a blog free and as I mention above it is good way to learn how to create a blog and how to start blogging. Blogspot is very simple and easy to use. Blogsopt is a service of google it will allows you to start a free blog.

start free blog on blogspot

Now we are going to start to create a blog on blogspot. To create a blog you need a google account. If you have a google account then you can create a blog. If you don’t have google account then firstly create a google account.

After create a google account please login on with your google account.

once you logged in then click on the new blog or you can go directly from this link create a free blog.

Give a name to your blog:-

Now you have to give a unique name to your blog and add this name in the Title. This name will be your blog name. You can change it any time after create a blog. Now select a domain name which should be unique and avoid your name as a domain name because it is a bad idea to make your name as a domain.

You can select any “template” here to make your blog attractive and now click on “Create blog”.

Now your blog is created and now you can start blogging but before starting you should need to change some settings in your blog. So now for change your settings go to your blog Dashboard and now go to “Settings”. Here is a screenshot below.

To start writing a blog post  you have go to your “dashboard” and then click on “New post” and now you can write your first blog post. You can add pages for your blog like about, contact us, privacy policy etc. For create a page you have to go to your dashboard and then click on “pages” and now click on “new page”. Here you can write about your page you can give any title for your blog page then you can publish it.

Most importantly, You should change your blog’s template because default template is boring and generic. You have to download blogger template and then install it on your blog. For change this template go to your dashboard and then click on template and here you can upload your template and make your blog attractive.

You can change some settings in layout option. Here you can upload logo to your blog and you can also remove and add widgets in sidebar.

After this you can think to make some decent money through your blog. For make money you can go to “earning” and then you have to click on “sign up for adsense”. After sign up you can make decent money. Before sign up on adsense you should need to know about google adsense policy.

Now you can start free blog and learn more about blogging and make some decent money through your blog.

This post is meant for every one who want to start free blog without investment. I started my blogging journey with blogspot and after some time i transfer my blog to wordpress. If you like this post then please share this with your friends on facebook, twitter and google+ and do subscribe for regular latest update.

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