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Social media applications, one of the most important parts of our lives. India has the largest user base of WhatsApp. Around to statistical report in India around 70 million people use WhatsApp out of the 1 billion users of WhatsApp.
The popularity of WhatsApp is growing with a lightning speed and this is noticeable from the number of downloads the application has per day which is approximately around 25 million. Why such a whirlwind growth? What contributes so much to the success of the WhatsApp? Well, the success of the WhatsApp is due to the enormous features that the company has to offer! They have almost all the features, a user want.
Whatsapp now becomes the favorite application for communication as it is one shop stop for everyone. People want to make the optimum utilization of this application as it provides with enormous features. In fact, WhatsApp is one of the rare applications which can be used on the web too! Using an application on the web is something no one really expected, but then WhatsApp came up with it and changed the whole experience of using WhatsApp. This gives the users a better and an optimum experience of the WhatsApp. And even contributes to the satisfied users of WhatsApp.


Yes, now a user can handle his/her WhatsApp account even using his laptop or PC. Just in case your phone is spoiled or is lost by any chance then you can yet function your same WhatsApp account via your laptop or PC without any problem and can even inform about your loss.
Well, this is the reason everyone loves WhatsApp! Everything and anything is just available in this application and a person can use it for performing almost any task. GBWhatsapp for Android acts like all in one application. So if you want to use WhatsApp on the web, what do you do? Well, it is very simple and no rocket science! And using WhatsApp over the web can be very beneficial too!
Just to provide an enhanced experience of the whatsapp application of phone, they also started with WhatsApp web. Now this WhatsApp web is limited to Android, iPhone 8.1 , windows phone, blackberry, and Nokia smart phones. This feature is yet not available on Symbian phones, but I am sure it will soon be there too!
Whatsapp web functions just like normal WhatsApp and the messages sent and received have the same speed. Now these both WhatsApp accounts of yours the one on your phone and the one on your web, both have an inter connection as the number of these accounts are the same. So in case you delete or make any action on any of these accounts, the effect of it will be on other too! Just for instance if I delete a chat from the WhatsApp account of my phone then the chat will also get deleted from your laptop or WhatsApp web account on your PC.
So it is just like using the similar account on the two different devices one is your normal smart phone and the other is your WhatsApp account on your web.
Moving on to what you need for having a WhatsApp account on your web, basically what is the criteria for holding a WhatsApp account on your web-
1)The first most primary thing you need is a current active WhatsApp account on your smart phone. Without that, you cannot make an account on WhatsApp web.
2)Internet connectivity is the most common and expected thing to have.
3)The user must necessarily have the latest version of Chrome, opera, firefox or safari as your edge browser on your web.

Steps to start your WhatsApp account on your web are as follows-

How to download and install:-

1)The user has to visit the website on your laptop or PC.

2)To open the account of different smart phones has different steps and they are as follows-
a)If the user has an android smart phone – 1) chat screen- select the menu option- WhatsApp web.
b)If the user has an iPhone – 1) go to the settings of your phone – WhatsApp web.
c)If the user has a Nokia windows phone – 1) go to the menu option – select WhatsApp web.
d)If the user has a blackberry phone then the procedure is similar to the android phone-1) go the chats screen- menu- WhatsApp web.
e)If the user is using a blackberry10 phone then he/she has to just swipe from down to the top of the screen and choose WhatsApp web.
f)If the user is using Nokia S60 phone then swipe the screen from down to top and then choose WhatsApp web.

3)Now scan the QR code on your laptop or PC screen from your smart phone.

The user can even use his smart phone to navigate and know if he is logged in the WhatsApp web.

To get the updated version of WhatsApp on your web the user has to update his WhatsApp on his phone, he can even get WhatsApp web notification on his laptop. Whatsapp web functions similarly like the WhatsApp account so you can chat send media and group chat with this application. But a user can not start a new group chat via this WhatsApp web and the user can not share contacts or maps via the WhatsApp web, so it has some limitations too! However, it is yet favored.

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All the functions of WhatsApp web are flexible and according to a research WhatsApp web is more flexible in using then the WhatsApp account on your phone.
The larger screen of your web gives it a real good experience!
Many users of WhatsApp have already adapted to this new feature of WhatsApp. The new WhatsApp web even has the end to end encryption and completely security. This WhatsApp web has the best-looking web interface. Whatsapp web is also completely free just like your normal WhatsApp so the user need not pay any extra charges for using this explicit feature of WhatsApp.

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