Huge Spaceships, Aliens, Colonized outer rim planets, Extraterrestrials, Military Base on the moon, these are some of the prediction our famous authors like Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov had made way back in the 1970s and 1980s. Films like Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis and The Alien series by Ridley Scott who recently came back with a bang by launching Alien: Covenant were based on some of the concepts like Flying cars, Skycities and Interstellar Travel. Some of it is true, some false while others is what we are heading towards as we speak.


Anybody who has seen Space Movies like Star Wars and Judge Dredd will be quite familiar with Tall skyscrapers which reach to the farthest points of our Atmosphere. Well, that will soon prove to be true as Competition for the tallest buildings in the World currently undergoing is proving to make it true. Currently the tallest Building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai standing at 880 m which will soon be eclipsed by Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which is a project managed by the Saudi Bin Ladin  Group. India is also in  the race as the Lodha Group is currently building the tallest Residential Building at Parel, Mumbai codenamed “World One”. With improvements in 3d Technology, the Construction Sector is expected to continue with such projects in the near future assuming no calamity strikes like the Recession in 2008. Who knows maybe in 2030 we might be seeing some of those fictional skytowers in movies which make even Mount Everest look like a small hill. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, walking outside to the balcony with your hubbie to see the entire world beneath your feet. Sounds Romantic doesn’t it?


Currently not visible at sight, but Interstellar Travel will be a huge sector after 100 years. Deep space Exploration like our heroes of Star Trek might become reality provided NASA and other space agencies find a solution to safe landing and take off of our space shuttles. Current Space missions focus on analysis of landmass and Ecology of various planets like Mars and Jupiter’s moon Europa( through long range telescope). A lot of expenditure goes into sending manned missions so Interstellar Travel like the kind we see in movies is a distant dream.

But there has been research going on in Farming on Mars. Talks have been circulating regarding colonization of Mars. If everything goes in the right direction, then it will help us propel towards our dream of Interstellar Travel. Who knows by the time our hair turns grey, it might become true and we might find ourselves in cryostasis as part of crew of an Interstellar travelling team on the way to the farthest corners of the universe going where no one has ever gone before.

Pic: Maybe by 2030. Spaceship Hermes from the movie ‘The Martian’


Will Smith fans will be very familiar with the fictional self – driving cars used in the movie ‘Men in Black’. Well that’s all set to be true in the next 3 to 4 years if everything goes right in the war between Apple and Google. Both Companies are making huge research and experimentation in this sector and will soon come up with Self driving cars which are safe to commute in. Google has been pretty vocal regarding its experiments and many news had come out in the recent past regarding their drive tests. Just imagine yourself being late for office and on the way while stuck at traffic you program your car in Auto pilot mode and have your breakfast while on the way to office. Saves time doesn’t it? Atleast you won’t have to face the kind of situation Mr. Bean did  when he woke up late for an appointment with his Dentist.

Pic: Self driving cars can save you from such a scenario.

Pic: Google’s self driving car concept. Coming soon at a showroom near you.


Pic: Coming soon….100 years from now

Rarely you will come across a person who hasn’t seen Star Trek and rarely you will come across a person who is not a big fan of the Quantum Transporter used in the film by Kirk, Spock and his team to transport themselves from one place to another at the speed of light. The series created by Gene Roddenberry in the 1960s had made several futuristic predictions regarding advanced technology one of which is Transportation. At a recently concluded experiment at Delft University in the Netherlands, Scientists were able to move certain parts of matter from one place to another using a Quantum Transporter making way for further experimentation in this arena. If everything goes right, we might see our Kids being transported from one place to another just like Spock, James Kirk and his team.


Bicentennial Man is a Hollywood movie released in 1999. This movie told the story about an android named Andrew which was introduced to his family in 2005. Andrew was a curious android who learnt a lot about life, friendship, love and relationship and what it meant about being a human. He was so fascinated by the idea that in the future after the death of his inventor’s family, he raised money to fund his transformation into a Human.

In the near future, we will come across families owning Robots as servants who will do shopping for the family. It will be a huge Business opportunity for Entrepreneurs who can provide such Robots to work in several houses. Robots/Androids might even replace Traffic Policemen. Recently in Indore, students from VIT designed a robot with assistance from Traffic Policemen which can work to control Traffic. The experiment was reported to be a huge success.

There are many other factors like Underwater Cities which might be visible in 100 years. But these are the top 5 which are sure to be there.

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