Xiaomi Redmi 5 The New Budget Champion

Xiaomi is one of those brands that have finally reached the level of what Nokia’s of old used to be. In today’s times of cut throat smartphone competition, there are only a few brands that even come remotely close to the astonishing value that Xiaomi offers. Xiaomi had enjoyed a slew of successful releases in Asian countries, particularly China and India. Also in India, it has managed to capture the budget smartphone segment like none other and if not for a few availability issues, I don’t think that any brand would be appreciated more than them. On a whole Xiaomi remains largely unchallenged.

Xiaomi had a very successful year in 2017. Their Redmi line-up of smartphones remain the best value oriented smartphones that you can buy for a low budget. Of course, like all companies Redmi has to evolve and adapt to changing market trends and that brings us to the update for the much loved Redmi 4, a.k.a XiaomiRedmi 5. The device has seen an unveiling in China and is listed for Pre-Orders on online stores such as Gearbest. So let’s find out what significant changes will the much anticipated update bring to the tables.

Design and Display:

Think of the Redmi 4 Note with an 18:9 form factor and you’re getting close. The Redmi 5 may well be the second device that brings us the 18:9 screen after the Micromax Canvas Infinity. The device will reportedly launch two variants, the Redmi 5 and the Redmi 5 Plus both of which will retain the same aspect ratio with a few significant changes. Along with the tall body, the device will probably retain the Metal back from the Redmi Note 4 because the device sure looks like it’s a Note 4 from the back but the main party piece will be the front display. It’ll also retain the signature IR blaster which they are famous for but weirdly no NFC this time around too.

As mentioned earlier the device will have the brand new 18:9 display with a net screen size of 5.7 inches for the Redmi 5 and a 5.99 inch size for the Plus variant. The display for the Redmi 5 will have an IPS panel with a resolution of 720×1440 giving it an overall pixel density of 282ppi. The display also looks radically different as the corners are now curved to accommodate the thin bezels around the display.


The Redmi 5, although a budget device, will definitely be no slouch like the previous models. The Redmi 5 will feature a Snapdragon 450 which is an update to the Snapdragon 435. The only device that uses the SD 450 currently before the Redmi 5 was the Vivo V7 Plus which is priced at around Rs.20K. Immediately the value proportion shoots in favour for the Redmi 5 because it’ll feature it in a much lower price point. The phone will also come in two variants, i.e. 2GB and 3GB although we don’t know if a 4GB model will be available. As for raw performance, the Snapdragon 450 is a very capable chip and does a great job at keeping the phone smooth. It is fairly capable of gaming too, courtesy of the Adreno 506.


As you would expect, MiUi makes a comeback but with one major change. Since the device doesn’t have physical buttons for navigation, this will be the first Xiaomi device to come with on screen navigation buttons. The rest of the standard is fairly standard MiUi affair but the icons and design have been borrowed from the much expensive Mi Note 3. MiUi is a very simple and easy to use skin and doesn’t make the device seem bloated or bogged down in the least.

Camera and Storage:

If I had to make a guess then I believe that the 12MP camera for the Redmi 5 has been lifted from the Mi A1, minus the depth sensor. It makes sense because the A1 had a fairly capable camera and Xiaomi should really replace the existing camera modules because they are pretty mediocre. If my guess is correct, then based on theA1, it should really give us some very decent images. Though, it is just a speculation at the moment. As mentioned earlier the camera will have a 12MP sensor that will be coupled with a single LED flash. The camera will sport an f/2.0 aperture with pixel size of 1.25 microns. The camera won’t be a very strong suit for the Redmi 5 but it’ll definitely be a better camera than whatever is available under 10k. The front camera will be the same 5MP camera carried over from the previous models but will be assisted by an LED flash.

Coming to storage, the Redmi 5 is expected to ship with 16/32 GB of storage options with support for SD expansion. Xiaomi skimped on the dedicated SD card slot again as the card will be mounted in the hybrid slot.

Battery and Connectivity:

The batteries has always been a strong suit for the Redmi devices and the Redmi 5 won’t be a disappointment either as it’ll have a fairly sizeable 3300mAh unit.

Coming to connectivity, the phones will get 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS support. Indian network bands will be definitely supported as it’ll be launched here soon.


Let’s get one thing out of the way first, keeping in line with the previous Redmi devices, the Xiaomi Redmi 5 price in India will start around Rs.6999 and move upwards as per current speculations. For the price, we can’t really complain but Redmi doesn’t bring a whole lot of new stuff into the table. Sure the designs and the processors will be new but the rest of the device will still be a bit old from the day of the launch. I mean it’ll have the Redmi Note 4 back for Christ sake. Other than that, the subtle improvements mean that it’ll still be a great value contender and will pave the way for other to follow suit which is never a bad thing. For the price, we can’t complain and neither can we ask for more but I still wish that it had NFC so we could’ve used Android pay. For exhaustive details, and genuine reviews, visit 91mobiles.

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